5 Easy Options You Can Do Indoors

woman squatting then jumping1. Squat Jumps- This is often considered one of the best choices because of the intensity level and the amount of stamina needed to perform these jumps for any extended period. Squat jumps start in a squat, and then you jump up as high as you can. This activity burns a large amount of calories and works most of the muscle groups in your body. Performing this move for 1 minute each day will provide noticeable results in a short time, and you can add it to your normal routine as well.

2. Step Jumping Jacks- Jumping jacks alone can give you a workout, but adding a step to this routine kicks it up a few levels and will put you through your paces. This exercise alternates a traditional jumping jack with an additional twist. After performing a jumping jack on the ground you will jump up onto a small step used for this purpose, and then jump back down to the floor.

3. Step Toe Taps- One of the most highly effective options is step toe taps. This exercise is simple to do in concept but requires strength and agility to accomplish. It is a high intensity routine that burns calories quickly and builds up your cardiovascular system. The increase in heart rate that you can achieve with this exercise is surprising, and after a minute or so you will be exhausted and soaked with sweat.

4. Side To Side Lunges- These lunges will boost your heart rate and speed up your metabolism in no time. Your entire body is challenged, and if additional difficulty is need a jump can be added to the move for even more intensity. Start out slowly until you understand the entire move process to avoid injury. These lunges can be modified if you have certain health conditions or injuries but any modifications may lessen the intensity and cardiovascular benefits.

5. Plyometric Jumping Jacks- These variation on traditional jumping jacks include a deep squat added and a slower rate of motion. The exercise is still high intensity but it works out more of the body than traditional jumping jacks do and burns off additional calories.

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